About ACC's Sensitive Claims team

ACC has well trained and highly experienced service coordinators based in its Sensitive Claims team who only work with people seeking help following sexual abuse or assault. 


We appreciate that people have different needs and everyone has their own idea of what recovery looks like for them.

How ACC is involved

It's our role to provide help to everyone in New Zealand when they suffer an injury. Help is available for all New Zealand residents and visitors to the country.

We refer to claims following sexual abuse or assault as ‘sensitive claims’.

You don't have to have a physical injury to get ACC-funded help following sexual abuse or assault. You also don't have to have reported the incident to the Police.

We fund therapy for people who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. We aim to keep our involvement to a minimum, allowing you and your therapist to focus on the therapy.

ACC's Sensitive Claims team

We have a dedicated Sensitive Claims team and staff are specialised and experienced in supporting people affected by sexual abuse or assault.

We'll always respect:

  • your privacy including the right to use preferred contact details and to have your personal information kept confidential
  • your right to choose your treatment and who's involved
  • your right to change your mind, switch therapists, withdraw your claim or take a break from receiving help.

Helping children and young people

Children and young people may be too young or find it too difficult to work out what kind of support they need.

Parents and guardians may find themselves responsible for getting help for young people in their care, but unsure what to do and where to go.

Within the Sensitive Claims team, we have service coordinators who are dedicated to helping children and young people under the age of 18. They help parents and guardians work out what support may be needed following sexual abuse or assault, and they work alongside other agencies to connect them to that support.

We'd like to know what you think about our service

We're always trying to do better. Please tell us about your experience with the Sensitive Claims team by completing our Sensitive Claims survey.

The survey is confidential and you and your answers will remain anonymous. We expect it to take about 5 - 10 minutes to complete the survey.