Why get help

Seeking support may help you in a number of ways.

Everybody is different

The effects of sexual abuse or assault can be wide-ranging and may be physical, emotional, psychological or behavioural. Everyone’s different. It’s important that you get started with the support that’s right for you and when you’re ready.

Talking with an experienced therapist can help you understand what’s going on and look at practical ways to deal with it. Our therapists are used to helping people of any age, and from different backgrounds and cultures. They are professionals with diverse skills and experience from a range of disciplines. They can offer different types of treatment depending on your individual needs, including counselling and other therapies. 

When to get help

It’s never too late to seek help. Help is available even if the abuse happened a long time ago. Your first sessions can just be about getting to know the therapist and deciding if you want to continue. There’s no pressure to stick with it if now is not the right time for you. You can bring family and whānau or other supporters to the sessions too.

If it doesn’t feel right to seek help now, you can come back at a time when you feel comfortable and ready. 

Who can get help

Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse or assault in New Zealand can seek assistance from ACC, including visitors to this country. We may also be able to assist if you’re a New Zealand resident who was overseas when the abuse occurred.

We can also provide support to family and whānau.

You don’t need to have reported the incident to the Police to get our help, although they encourage people to come forward. They appreciate that sometimes people are not ready to make a formal complaint, and they want you to have the best opportunity to recover.