How we support you

Your therapist will talk to you about us. You decide what services you need from us and how much contact you have with us. 

How ACC supports you

ACC needs to know if you'd like support so they can lodge a claim for you. If a claim is lodged, ACC may be able to help you with things like:

  • getting paid if you can't work
  • getting you to and from sessions with your therapist. 



Sending us your details

After you and your therapist start sessions, with your permission, your therapist will complete a form and send it to us. This form is what the therapist uses to tell us you'd like support and to lodge a claim. The form will have:

  • your preferred contact details
  • support you've had before
  • other agencies involved
  • any immediate needs
  • safe contact details (if you're under sixteen). 

When we may send you a letter

This only happens if you take a break from your therapy sessions. The letter shows that some support has been provided, but more support isn't needed right now.