Starting sessions with your therapist


In the first sessions

You and your therapist will work together to find the best options for support for you and your whānau. 

You can choose how long you want support for

For some, short-term support may be all that's needed. For others, the effects of sexual violence are significant and they may need longer term support.

Getting support for a short time

You and your therapist may decide that you only need support for a short time. This means you'll continue working with your therapist for a few more sessions. 

Sometimes, other services and agencies are better to support you. In this situation, we'll help connect you into the right support. 

Getting support for a longer time

You and your therapist may decide you need support for a longer time. To make sure you get the right longer term support from us, a supported assessment will need to be done.Because every case is different, talk to your therapist about what will be in the assessment.

The assessor and therapist will have a close working relationship. They’ll be there to support you and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

After the assessment

You’ll be able to go through the assessment report and agree on its content with the assessor and your therapist, before it comes to us. We use the report to confirm what longer term support you need, and to help make a decision on your claim.